Kbear: Fish protocol seems not to work

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Tue Feb 7 14:36:14 GMT 2006

On 2/6/06, SOTL <sotl155360 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> On Monday 30 January 2006 02:35 pm, Nigel Henry wrote:
> > I've been trying to help someone out with this problem, and not using
> Kbear
> > installed it on one of my Debian distro's. I have no problems using Fish
> > with Konqueror in both directions from my 2 machines. Kbear works ok
> using
> > the FTP protocol. I removed the key on the Debian machine
> > from. /home/user_name/.ssh/known_hosts. Then started Kbear. Entered the
> > IPaddress of the other machine, selected "Fish" as protocol, entered
> user
> > name, and password, and for it to access /home/user directory. Asking it
> to
> > connect brings up the request panel regarding the key. "Do you want to
> > continue?" "Yes". Kbear then creates a new key to replace the one I had
> > deleted for accessing this IPaddress. This is as far as it gets. It just
> > hangs then, and doesn't connect to the address.
> >
> > Anyone any suggestions?

Make sure the perms on both the .ssh directory and the .know_hosts file are
Look at the /var/auth.log or /var/ssh.log to validate any decrepancies you
may find.

> > There used to be a facility for contacting the authors of individual
> apps
> > at kde.org, but this seems to have disappeared. But as the site is quite
> > extensive, perhaps I just can't find it. (Bit like finding your way
> round
> > the Sun Microsystems site).
> >
> > In anticipation. Nigel.
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> Hi Nigel and ALL
> Thanks for the replay and information.
> I am still working on this so this is a preliminary response.
> First, I have almost established which versions of Linux I want on my 3
> pluggable HDs. That in itself is not easy. It was all a lot simpler before
> Mandrake became Mandriva and started charging for downloads. Many on the
> Mandriva list are most unhappy with this. And! That is not to mention that
> now distributions only come out once a year instead of every 6 months as
> previous. That should not effect this issue but it does.
> I over the last couple of weeks I have installed 5 or 6 differrent
> distributions. I have tested Kbear on several I forget exactly how
> many.  On
> one or two occasions I installed a distribution and immediately tried to
> access the new computer from another and was unable to do so. On both
> occasions I could then access the other computer using Konqueror and fish.

If these computers are on the same subnet why not just use fish:// It keeps
a persistent connection. Additionally you can make a pseudo file system of
the contents of your remote machine.
Alternatively, you could compile your kernel to supprot NFS. This would
allow you to mount a share on the remote machine.
Either way just know that Kbear is not your only option. This is *nix :-)

In order to continue with this I am going to have to get another computer
> involved with either SuSE, Fedora, or Debian installed in it as the issue
> may
> go back to several other issues I have had with Mandrake. Once I was
> having
> immense amount of problems with Midnight Commander not working. This went
> on
> for months. Finally fixed the problem when I upgraded. It seems that at
> the
> time Mandrake could be ordered as either DVD or CD separate - ie not part
> of
> the box set. I always ordered the DVDs then, not now. The DVDs would
> install
> in the laptop with out issue. Not so the CDs which I had used for one
> update.
> The CD simply produced random errors in the laptop. In my desktop both
> worked
> fine but not in the laptop.

I'm not really following you here... The DVD installed the OS onto a laptop.
But CD's could not be used to update the packages? If you are going to use a
different media to update the packages you must first tell urpmi about it.
And double check the "/etc/urpmi.something"
to make sure it is going to get it's sources from the right spot and that
the desired spot is compatible with the curerent installation.

The second major issue is when I attempt to do on line updates if I update
> any
> portion of KDE then there is a 90+% proability that I will have to
> reinstall
> the system. Thus one can not do any updates as many things that do not
> appear
> to be part of KDE are.


Third a few weeks back I tried to install the ODBC and JDBC connectors
> required for connection to MySQL and other database. I managed to install
> them in the desktop with no problem if one over looks the 2 weeks it took
> to
> figure out what to get and where. Anyway it was late at night, I was
> tired,
> and I had been working on the computer for some 12 hours so I went home
> and
> did not upgrade the laptop. Big mistake! When I got back to the laptop 3
> days
> later the RP Ms had been update on the Mandriva download site. I
> installed.
> Down the system went. I then reinstalled the full complete system.
> Now the above issues do not appear to have anything to do with Kbear. BUT!
> Who
> would have thought that with the MC issue? No one. That is why I need a
> third
> computer in this loop. One with a trusted operating system in it as I have
> noted some strange and better responses with Konqueror and fish in the
> latest
> distributions I have installed.

By trusty Operating System, I am selfishly hoping you will choose Gentoo.
But let's not start a Gentoo v. Debian flaming... It's too earlly for that
and this is a KDE list.
But the issue, being as global as you describe it probably has to deal with
a shared library or something more severe than Kbear. But try to keep it
simple. OBDC has worked for a long time and so has Kbear and MC. Try gettin
them all to work before applying a ton of updates. Updates are only useful
if they will offer you a more secure environment or neccesary functionality.
As such, they should only be applied under those circumstances.

Thanks for your help.
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Got Gentoo?

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