KOffice 1.5 beta1 screws up fonts

kitts kitts at hotpop.com
Mon Feb 6 16:57:54 GMT 2006

I am resending this message the fourth time as it seems to have gotten lost 
the previous times. I apologize if it appears again.

I just installed the latest release on KOffice 1.5 beta 1. Some of the 
changes listed there were among biggest quirks to me.

I was excited to try the new beta release but was shocked to see the damage 
the moment i opened the only kword document that i have on my system and 
have been working with for a while. Then i opened up a new document and the 
problem exists.

Is it a problem with my fonts settings? I cant be sure if it is KOffice or 
KDE as i also upgraded to KDE 3.5.1 at the same time. But fonts every where 
else works just fine.

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