John john_82 at
Tue Feb 7 15:02:12 GMT 2006

I have managed to track down 2 of the sources of my mysterious network 
traffic. One was a cups broadcast to the whole world be the other seems to be 
entirely down to kmail.
Ethereal shows two arp packets that presumably come from my router. Maybe some 
one could enlighten me - I'm not sure. These are followed with dns requests 
for pop addresses at my isp which would be fair enough if kmail was running 
but are some what peculiar as it has been shut down. These packets including 
the responses from the dns service are followed by 2 more arp  packets.

Is this is  a kmail shut down bug or what? It's one I'm not too happy about so 
what can be done about it?
Suse 10.0
KDE 3.4.2 B
Kmail 1.8.2
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