Icons don't stop dancing.

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Sat Dec 16 06:44:31 GMT 2006

Hello Pavel,

Thank you for your help!

|   It's also possible to disable it on a per-app basis,
| by modifying the app's .desktop file and adding
| StartupNotify=false
| line or modifying true to false if it's already there. I don't know
| how to do it natively using KDE GUI (if it's possible at all,
| formerly it was not).

This does the trick. Great!

|   You can turn it off completely or modify the time the cursor is
| bouncing, when it doesn't receive the app's feedback that it's
| running.

This makes me wonder how to tell the KDE system that the app is running.
>From my examples, the "emacs" command seems to tell the system that
it's running (so that the bouncing cursor disappears quickly),
while the "env LANG=blahblah emacs" command doesn't.  Is there a
magic KDE command which sends the "Im-running" message to KDE on
behalf of the application, such as

     k-magic-launcher LANG=blahblah emacs


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