DCOP problem when running a kde app remotely (withDISPLAYredirect)

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Fri Aug 25 12:34:43 BST 2006

On Friday 25 August 2006 11:40, Com Pegasus-CC-Hotline wrote:
> Hello,
> I completely understand your argument, but I see a
> big benefit "nearly for free", if the already existing
> dcopserver switch would allow an
>   -dcopserver none
> In the base class it would be a 5 minute go, but all
> kde-apps would (sooner or later) have to take care of this
> possibility, so instead of complaining and stopping, they
> would just "not serve" some of their functionality, when
> running without dcopserver.

Only very few applications could do that,most applications require DCOP for 
the application<->session service communication.
Some examples: KWrite will need to talk to  klauncher for requesting IO 
slaves, Kicker will (indirectly) need  to talk to klauncher for starting 
programs, etc.

The applications might still be able to display things, but it would be a 
really small subset of their indented functionality and require that the 
application developers know all the internals details of the APIs.
Developing KDE applications is quite easy because you can just use the kdelibs 
APIs and not care how the libs implement something, because it will just 

Communication between applications will become increasingly important, because 
it allows applications of different platforms (e.g.KDE, GNOME) to use the 
services provided by the currently active platform, thus not requiring to 
start up their own.

It's a tradeoff between resouce reusage and integration on one side and 
dependencies on the other.

Since both sides have their advantages and followers, applications will be 
developed for both side, some might even take the burden to cover both.


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