DCOP problem when running a kde app remotely(withDISPLAYredirect)

Com Pegasus-CC-Hotline pegasus-cc-hotline.com at siemens.com
Fri Aug 25 14:22:53 BST 2006

Hello Kevin,

> Only very few applications could do that,most applications require
DCOP for 
> the application<->session service communication.
> Some examples: KWrite will need to talk to  klauncher for requesting
> slaves

Oh - I see. I wasn't expecting so much general functionality being
by kde libs. O.k., now I really understand.

> Developing KDE applications is quite easy because you can just use 
> the kdelibs APIs and not care how the libs implement something,
> it will just work.

Yes, now I see. Even more than changing the apps code, it would be a 
question of applying the no-dcopserver awareness to the kde libs, 
but this, instead of just not serving the request, would need alternate 
handlings, as the requests deal with so much basic functionallity.
But then again this would contamine the whole idea of wrapping these
basics to isolate them from the underlaying platform.

O.k., I am convinced now, that this is the wrong go.

Now I think about copying the dcopserver with all its shared
libs to the mini-system and try to start a dcopserver over there.
What would be missing then? Some config files? Some more servers?
Too much to even try it, or good chance for success?

(Installing kde is not possible, as there's not enough space.
May not even for the package infos ...
When I talk about "just copying", this actually goes to a nfs mount.)

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