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Ryo Furue furue at
Thu Aug 24 22:39:46 BST 2006

Hi Kevin and KDE users,

Thanks for your quick response and sorry for the wrong Subject line.
(I "replied" to an existing message.  I meant to change the subject
but forgot to do so.)  Thanks also for letting me know the debian-kde

| kdeedu, for example, is a metapackage, i.e. it is without content
| and just  depends on the actual program packages. Thus, if you
| remove one, you also remove the metapackage, but all other packages
| it dependet on remain installed.
| Same for the meta package "kde"

Aha!  I got it!

| You can install "kde-core", or if you know exactly which
| applications you will be needing, install just those packages, apt
| will do the rest As a hint: if you do this, do not forget kwin,
| kicker, kdesktop, kdm and ksplash :)
| My recommendation is to start with kde-core (depends on kdelibs and
| kdebase)

Or, since I've already have the full KDE package installed, which is
fully working, it's a matter of deleting unused subcomponents.
So, I'll try to delete the educational subcomponent first and see
what happens.

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