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On Thursday 24 August 2006 21:49, Ryo Furue wrote:
> Hi KDE users,
> I'm not sure where I should ask this, but at least it's
> related to KDE. . . .

There is a KDE list on the Debian list server, debian-kde

> such as "blinken" (an educational game).  Now, when I try to
> remove "blinken", say, the package management system complains
> that the package "kdeedu" would have an un-met dependency so that
> I should also remove "kdeedu".  Well, why not, I don't need the
> educational packages.  So, I try to remove the "kdeedu" package,
> and then the system complains that I should remove "kde-amusuments",
> too. And so on.
> Do I need to delete the whole KDE system just to delete a game
> ("blinken" in this case)?  Why is KDE packaged like this?
> Why isn't subcomponents optional?   In contrast, emacs, say,
> has a lot of plugins, many of which are optional, meaning that
> you can install a plugin separately and then emacs automatically
> picks it up.

kdeedu, for example, is a metapackage, i.e. it is without content and just 
depends on the actual program packages.
Thus, if you remove one, you also remove the metapackage, but all other 
packages it dependet on remain installed.

Same for the meta package "kde"

The Debian KDE packages are one of the best among all distributions _because_ 
of their fine granularity.

> By the way, why do I need to remove KDE subcomponents?  Because
> I'd like to minimize my system-disk size.  I back up the system
> directories (root, /usr, /etc, and so on) plus my home directory
> on to a second harddrive, which is nearly full because it is smaller
> than the total disk capacity of the drives to be backed up.  That
> means, I can back up more of my stuff if I reduce the size
> of /usr and so on.

You can install "kde-core", or if you know exactly which applications you will 
be needing, install just those packages, apt will do the rest
As a hint: if you do this, do not forget kwin, kicker, kdesktop, kdm and 
ksplash :)

My recommendation is to start with kde-core (depends on kdelibs and kdebase)


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