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Ryo Furue furue at
Thu Aug 24 20:49:45 BST 2006

Hi KDE users,

I'm not sure where I should ask this, but at least it's
related to KDE. . . .

I'm using Debian GNU/Linux (testing distribution), where
the main KDE package (named "kde") depends on many KDE
subcomponents such as "kde-amusuments", which in turn
depends on many subsubcomponents such as "kdeedu" (educational
subsubcomponent), which in turn depends on many subsubsubcompoents
such as "blinken" (an educational game).  Now, when I try to
remove "blinken", say, the package management system complains
that the package "kdeedu" would have an un-met dependency so that
I should also remove "kdeedu".  Well, why not, I don't need the
educational packages.  So, I try to remove the "kdeedu" package,
and then the system complains that I should remove "kde-amusuments",
too. And so on.

Do I need to delete the whole KDE system just to delete a game
("blinken" in this case)?  Why is KDE packaged like this?
Why isn't subcomponents optional?   In contrast, emacs, say,
has a lot of plugins, many of which are optional, meaning that
you can install a plugin separately and then emacs automatically
picks it up.

By the way, why do I need to remove KDE subcomponents?  Because
I'd like to minimize my system-disk size.  I back up the system
directories (root, /usr, /etc, and so on) plus my home directory
on to a second harddrive, which is nearly full because it is smaller
than the total disk capacity of the drives to be backed up.  That
means, I can back up more of my stuff if I reduce the size
of /usr and so on.

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