How to get hyperlinks in Kmail to open Firefox

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at
Wed Aug 9 17:43:47 BST 2006

On Wednesday 09 August 2006 16:11, Michel D'HOOGE wrote:
> > Now Firefox does start ok. Klipper actions was obviously looking for
> > Firefox in the bin directories.
> I don't know what default path is used by Klipper but it surely only looks
> into the "standard" bin folders.
> > One odd thing with the "Actions" popup. I was slow at first in trying to
> > find Firefox on the popup, and it disappeared.
> Can you further explain? The purpose of the 'ps... thingy' is to check
> whether firefox is already running and use that instance.

Well thats odd, because Firefox wasn't already running. The only thing I added 
to that ps line for Firefox, was at the end of the line. I didn't notice 
there was a "Description" heading at the end of the line, so the first time 
that I tried the popup it had a new line, <new command>, then the popup 
disappeared. So I looked back in Klipper config > Actions, scrolled to the 
end of the line, and found the "Description" heading. The ps line for Firefox 
just had <new command> at the end of the line, so I changed it so that it 
looked like the one for Mozilla.
"Open with &Firefox".  Accessing the popup again, Firefox is now on the list, 
and clicking on it, it opened. That is of course, after creating the link to 
the firefox shellscript.

The question is. Is the ps line necessary to start Firefox, if it isn't 
already running? No. Because you say that all the ps line does is to stop a 
second instance of Firefox opening. This means that perhaps all I needed to 
do to start Firefox from the popup, was to right click on the "https?://" 
line. Click "Add command" , and at the end of the line under the 
"Description" heading, change <new command> to, Open with &Firefox.

Obviously it's good to have the ps line, as it does stop another instance of 
Firefox opening, if it is already open.

It would have helped, if I'd noticed the scrollbar, and scrolled to end, and 
found that "Description" heading.
> > Trying to bring it up again
> > on the same URL just failed.  Is that normal?
> I guess so. I you copy several times the same string to Klipper, it
> automatically filters the duplicates. So if you want to manually trigger
> the pop-up, there is a short-cut ('Tux-Ctrl-R' on my machine, in fact KDE
> labeled the key "windows" but it is a Tux ;-)

Thats Alt+Ctrl+R  on FC2

Thanks again.

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