How to get hyperlinks in Kmail to open Firefox

Michel D'HOOGE list.dhooge at
Wed Aug 9 15:11:07 BST 2006

> Now Firefox does start ok. Klipper actions was obviously looking for
> Firefox in the bin directories.
I don't know what default path is used by Klipper but it surely only looks 
into the "standard" bin folders.

> One odd thing with the "Actions" popup. I was slow at first in trying to
> find Firefox on the popup, and it disappeared.
Can you further explain? The purpose of the 'ps... thingy' is to check whether 
firefox is already running and use that instance.

> Trying to bring it up again 
> on the same URL just failed.  Is that normal?
I guess so. I you copy several times the same string to Klipper, it 
automatically filters the duplicates. So if you want to manually trigger the 
pop-up, there is a short-cut ('Tux-Ctrl-R' on my machine, in fact KDE labeled 
the key "windows" but it is a Tux ;-)
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