How to get hyperlinks in Kmail to open Firefox

Michel D'HOOGE list.dhooge at
Thu Aug 10 07:21:26 BST 2006

> Well thats odd, because Firefox wasn't already running. 
In fact, I meant that the first part (before &&) was a test to decide whether 
an instance of firefox was already running. If yes, then the second part is 
executed. If no or if second part fails, the last part (after ||) is then 
executed. So it's pretty normal that it worked, even though firefox wasn't 

BTW, I did some tests and it seems on my machine that the second, "smart" part 
always fails (error message: command not parseable). Hopefully, FF is smart 
enough to reuse an existing instance. So I think, just keeping the last part 
would be the same...
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