How to get hyperlinks in Kmail to open Firefox

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at
Wed Aug 9 13:27:35 BST 2006

On Wednesday 09 August 2006 08:24, Michel D'HOOGE wrote:
> > Configure Klipper ... / Actions tab
> > edit the http entry (ie. add a subitem for konqueror)
> So, for the "^https?://." action, I have (from Kubuntu):
> kfmclient exec %s
> kmail --body  %s
> kmail  --attach %s
> and...
> ps x |grep -q '[f]irefox' && firefox -remote openURL\(%s, new-window\) ||
> firefox %s This one is a bit long, but it should prevent to start a new
> firefox instance if one is already running.

I created that entry, but Firefox was still not opening. The Firefox directory 
containing the shellscript to start it, is in /usr/local, so I've created a 
ln -s /usr/local/firefox/firefox /usr/local/bin/firefox

Now Firefox does start ok. Klipper actions was obviously looking for Firefox 
in the bin directories.

One odd thing with the "Actions" popup. I was slow at first in trying to find 
Firefox on the popup, and it disappeared. Trying to bring it up again on the 
same URL just failed.  Is that normal? Or is there a way to prevent that 

Thanks for the help.

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