any benefit to 64-bit?

Marc Collin collinm at
Fri Apr 28 11:26:28 BST 2006

Le Mardi 18 Avril 2006 19:00, Andriy Rysin a écrit :
> Not sure if very KDE code will get a big benefit, but from my experience
> CPU intensive tasks definitely gain speed, sometimes around 20-30%:
> bzip2 gave me around 27% speedup, kuickshow started to
> render/scale/rotate big pictures instantly without delay 1s delay...
> That's why I actually did buy Turion64 after reading ton's of reviews
> and they don't lie - 64bit more is more powerful even if you don't go
> for terabytes of RAM :)
> On the other hand you'd have to face some shortage of binary only apps
> and drivers: Adobe Reader, flash plugin, win32 codecs for mplayer, NDIS
> drivers are harder to get....
> That's why I work in 32bit mode most of the time but have a separate
> /usr partition to experiment with 64bit stuff and check if it's getting
> any closer...
> good luck,
> Andriy

i have a 64bits system
all my program are 64bits excep adobe reader, flash and win32 codec........ 
just need to have firefox 32 bits.....
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