per-user startup script?

Ryo Furue furue at
Thu Apr 27 14:47:40 BST 2006

Hello all,

Why doesn't KDE source my ~/.bash_profile ?  I want
to set session-wide environmental variables.  This is
a FAQ, and I found that the most convincing answer is
that people are using different shells.  I understand that.

Then, what about introducing a KDE specific, per-user
initial script, like ~/.kderc ?  In this case,
we can specify that the grammar of this script is that
of the Bourne shell regardles of the user's login shell
and that it is sourced at the end of the startup
sequence of KDE.

Alternatives aren't satisfactory.

1) Modify the system-wide KDE startup script.  But,
it's not trivial to take care of different login shells.
And to modify system files is a nuissance when it comes
to upgrade.

2) Put things into ~/.bashrc, instead of ~/.bash_profile .
But, env. vars. in ~/.bashrc don't affect processes
invoked from menus and launchers.

3) Don't log in with KDE but with xsession, and put your
stuff in ~/.xsession, at the end of which you invoke KDE.
But, it's ugly.  It's a kludge.  KDE should have its own
mechanism for every conceivable per-user customization.

Gnome has ~/.gnomerc, which is good, except that it's
sourced at the beginning, not at the end, of the startup
sequence. So, some of your env. vars. are overwritten
or unset by the Gnome startup sequence.

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