Don't know why my session autologout

GaƩtan Quentin qg_tech at
Wed Apr 26 20:36:40 BST 2006


 On Linux Mandriva Cooker (kde 3.5.1), i don't know why, if i let my session 
idle about 15 minutes, it auto-logouts (or crashes?)  I can't find why....

It is not the screensaver, which is not activated. It it not energy policy, 
not activated too, and not bios settings, also not activated.....

If i log with an account i never use, it looks ok. But with my every day 
account, i am logged out after 15 minutes idle since a few weeks, and i don't 
know what i could have changed on my system to have that problem...

I log in with mdkkdm.


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