scheduling downloads with kget

Bram Schoenmakers bramschoenmakers at
Wed Apr 26 08:52:39 BST 2006

Op woensdag 26 april 2006 09:36, schreef Never you mind:
> My ISP doesn't measure bandwidth between 2am and 8am so I'd like to set
> up large downloads to occur after 2am. Can I configure kget  to do
> this?
> malcolm

I don't know if KGet is the thing you want if you want to schedule downloads. 
But this is what you could do:

1. Add all transfers to the KGet list, make sure you're in Offline Mode.
2. Run a (daily) cron job executing

dcop KGet-Interface setOfflineMode false

to disable offline mode and it starts downloading.
At 8 am you could run

dcop KGet-Interface setOfflineMode true

to stop downloading.

But maybe wget is more suited for this purpose, since it's a command line tool 
and easier accessible from a cron job.

Kind regards,

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