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Tim M√ľnchen privat at privatepanic.de
Sat Apr 22 12:10:01 BST 2006

Am Samstag, 22. April 2006 04:22 schrieb Q:
> Now, now be nice. This list has exactly zero to do with Photoshop - this
> list is for KDE which is something that doesn't even have anything to do
> with Microsoft Windows. (Which is the kind of computer you are using). This
> is so not the right place to ask these kinds of questions, that it might as
> well be another planet.
> Nonetheless I did my best to answer your question in so far as I understood
> it - even though no one on this list has anything to do with Photoshop and
> is not obliged to answer any questions relating to it.
> I could have just ignored you or told you to 'bog off' and not to do silly
> things like writing to mailing lists that have nothing at all to do with
> whatever it is you are attempting to achieve but I didn't. I tried to be
> helpful.
> You could at least be a little gracious and accept this.
> GJ

@OP: And additionally, adjust your Mail client settings before sending stuff 
to mailinglists. It's not acceptable to send these heavily HTML formatted 
mails where everyone with a non-HTML-enabled Mailclient has to filter through 
dozens of tags before being able to read your misplaced questions.


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