Kmail identities?

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Thu Apr 6 20:19:49 BST 2006

r bartlett wrote:

> Again, a huge Kmail filters have reappeared after a quick cut
> and paste from the "config" kmailrc (and there was one other file...I
> copied both).
> However, my identities are still AWOL.  Any idea which file they're
> contained in and how I might restore them?


> And...(perhaps I shouldn't say this since I'm in no way a
> programmer!!)...shouldn't all this be seamlessly restorable via a button? 
> Something like:  "Archive All" or "Archive Folder" or something?  It would
> be nice if it could parse it into a web-browser-readable html file or
> something, too, so that even if one had long since forgotten about using
> Kmail, the files could still be accessed.  It seems that Kmail has gone a
> long way in the Import files department (though it crashed when I tried to
> import Kmail files), but saving, archiving, backing up, and restoring
> could be much easier.  Are there any plans to do this in the future?

In theory, copying the whole of ~/.kde/ should work. IIRC there are some
projects around concentrating on backing up KDE settings. One is konserve
( I don't know about others, or whether they do the sort
of thing you're trying to do.

> I am sure there's a better place to suggest these features...but in any
> case, thank you very much for taking the time to help.  I am a writer and
> could help out with man pages, features, or documentation if any
> programmers wanted to work on the code side of this.

There are plenty of ways to get involved with docs. I've seen a few people
asking about migrating mail, so perhaps this would be an appropriate entry
for the KDE FAQ. If you'd like to write a question/answer pair, and send it
to kde-doc-english at, or to me, we can include it in the next version
of the FAQ. (Check whether the topic is covered in existing docs though)

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