Kmail identities?

r bartlett techwritebos at
Thu Apr 6 17:34:39 BST 2006

Again, a huge Kmail filters have reappeared after a quick cut and paste from the "config" kmailrc (and there was one other file...I copied both).  

However, my identities are still AWOL.  Any idea which file they're contained in and how I might restore them?

And...(perhaps I shouldn't say this since I'm in no way a programmer!!)...shouldn't all this be seamlessly restorable via a button?  Something like:  "Archive All" or "Archive Folder" or something?  It would be nice if it could parse it into a web-browser-readable html file or something, too, so that even if one had long since forgotten about using Kmail, the files could still be accessed.  It seems that Kmail has gone a long way in the Import files department (though it crashed when I tried to import Kmail files), but saving, archiving, backing up, and restoring could be much easier.  Are there any plans to do this in the future?

I am sure there's a better place to suggest these features...but in any case, thank you very much for taking the time to help.  I am a writer and could help out with man pages, features, or documentation if any programmers wanted to work on the code side of this.

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