Mouse click issues in KDE 3.4 on FreeBSD/xorg

Michael Brown mikeb at
Wed Apr 5 21:25:53 BST 2006



            I'm having some weird issues with the mouse, Kde is only
recognizing the click when or while the mouse is moving and only when the
mouse is moving. I can click 100 times in one spot without moving the mouse,
and it doesn't see the clicks. If I move the mouse 1 pixel while clicking it
sees the click. The only other reference to this problem that I have found
is at:   (under Mouse Problems).
His solution didn't do anything, as I already disabled moused and am using
/dev/ums0. The mouse is a usb Microsoft wireless optical ("Microsoft Optical
Mouse Blue"). I have tried it in Windows and it works fine.


I have noticed that it seems to not be catching the mouseup events, maybe
that is the source of the problem. Could be a driver/kernel thing and not
kde. If I click on a number slider, it seems to keep sliding until I move
the mouse while clicking, indicating it saw the click but not the release of
the button. I don't know of any mouse utilities that can show me the raw
input from the mouse..


here is my xorg.conf for the mouse settings:


Section "InputDevice"

            Identifier "Mouse1"

            Driver "mouse"

            Option "Protocol" "Auto"

            Option "Device" "/dev/ums0"

            Option "Buttons" "5"

            Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"

            Option "Resolution" "1800"



Running KDE 3.4, Xorg 6.8.2 on FreeBSD 6.0.


Any info would be appreciated, it's a really annoying bug, again not sure if
it's KDE specific, or if the kernel drivers under FreeBSD are the problem.




Michael Brown


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