Mouse click issues in KDE 3.4 on FreeBSD/xorg

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Thu Apr 6 10:12:14 BST 2006

Michael Brown wrote:

> Hello,
>             I'm having some weird issues with the mouse, Kde is only
> recognizing the click when or while the mouse is moving and only when the
> mouse is moving. I can click 100 times in one spot without moving the
> mouse, and it doesn't see the clicks. If I move the mouse 1 pixel while
> clicking it sees the click. The only other reference to this problem that
> I have found
> is at:   (under Mouse Problems).
> His solution didn't do anything, as I already disabled moused and am using
> /dev/ums0. The mouse is a usb Microsoft wireless optical ("Microsoft
> Optical Mouse Blue"). I have tried it in Windows and it works fine.

Probably a driver problem. If it is, you'll have the same problem with other
window managers (eg blackbox) - try with a different window manager and see
if you get the same problem.

The other thing that might be worth trying is to use is moused - it works
nicely here, and might circumvent whatever underlying problem is causing
your issue. I guess the FreeBSD Handbook should have some info on setting
up moused. If not, drop me a line, and I can send you my config.

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