how to clean up config files?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Apr 10 06:51:27 BST 2006

kitts wrote:
> I have been using linux for a little over a year now with KDE. I have 
> changed distros/hardware and reinstalled a few times but have always 
> retained my home folder.
> During all this i may have messed up several config files.For example i have 
> plenty of programs listed under the "lost and found" entry in KMenu. Most 
> of these are not installed currently and some and redundant.
> Is there a clean solution to clean up the mess? One solution might be to 
> create a new user and copy over all files from there to here and delete 
> whats excess but i don't like the solution very much.

Probably most of the useless menu entries are 'desktop' files in the 
directory tree starting here:


You just need to go through this and delete the old, unneeded and 
redundant 'desktop' files.

If they show up globally they will be in:


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