krfb running CPU to 100%

Justin Denick justin.denick at
Thu Sep 22 13:51:29 BST 2005

I have never had a problem with either one. Thougt to be honest, I guess
I've never checked to the box performance while using them.

What video-card /drivers are you uising, and have you explored the
possibility that this may be related to an issue with your software to
kernel to card communication?

I've done a bit of searching on the issue, but nothing really sticks out and
points to a flaw with neither rdesktop nor *vnc.

On 9/21/05, Ewan Grantham <ewan.grantham at> wrote:
> > Patience man.
> Well, it has been a couple weeks :-)
> > Do you have Tight VNC installed on your <yuck>window$<yuck> box?
> Have tried both TightVNC and RealVNC. Haven't tried UltraVNC yet.
> Should the client make a difference?
> > Are you using KDE native remote desktop client on your Breezy Box?
> Yes
> > Is the connection encrypted (i.e. either or both boxes behing firewalls?
> Not encrypted, just password protected. Both boxes are behind hardware
> firewalls, and have "holes" for 5900-5905.
> > Are you trying to utilize the max resolution for your remote desktop or
> is
> > the issue
> > replicatable under either configuration?
> Am not using max resolution on the X Display on the Breezy machine,
> but am telling the VNC client to size to the remote desktop.
> > Did you notice that TOP only showed krfb as using
> > <snip>
> > 9846 egrantha 15 0 55968 18m 12m S 56.2 3.8 0:28.47 krfb
> > <end snip>
> > of your cpu.
> Yup, and that the <> that it spawned was using over 40
> of the rest
> of the CPU. Which makes the thing darn sluggish.
> Again, if this tool is known to be a problem, and I should just use
> VNC, let me know. I had just "thought" that using a kde tool with kde
> would give me better performance and would be more reliable.
> Thanks again,
> Ewan

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