krfb running CPU to 100%

Ewan Grantham ewan.grantham at
Wed Sep 21 23:33:05 BST 2005

> Patience man.

Well, it has been a couple weeks :-)

> Do you have Tight VNC installed on your <yuck>window$<yuck> box?

Have tried both TightVNC and RealVNC. Haven't tried UltraVNC yet.
Should the client make a difference?

> Are you using KDE native remote desktop client on your Breezy Box?


> Is the connection encrypted (i.e. either or both boxes behing firewalls?

Not encrypted, just password protected. Both boxes are behind hardware
firewalls, and have "holes" for 5900-5905.

> Are you trying to utilize the max resolution for your remote desktop or is
> the issue
> replicatable under either configuration?

Am not using max resolution on the X Display on the Breezy machine,
but am telling the VNC client to size to the remote desktop.

> Did you notice that TOP only showed krfb as using
> <snip>
>  9846 egrantha  15   0 55968  18m  12m S 56.2  3.8   0:28.47 krfb
> <end snip>
>  of your cpu.

Yup, and that the that it spawned was using over 40 of the rest
of the CPU. Which makes the thing darn sluggish.

Again, if this tool is known to be a problem, and I should just use
VNC, let me know. I had just "thought" that using a kde tool with kde
would give me better performance and would be more reliable.

Thanks again,
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