shttp and qt

Marek W marekw1977 at
Tue Sep 13 07:49:56 BST 2005

Hi all,

I am writing a usage meter for KDE for use with my ISP (here in Australia). 
The account data is obtained through a simple URL GET.

I've got that working, but now I want to get this working over https. I've 
gone through the qt archives, and lots of people suggest writing shttp class 
based on QHttp source.

I'm new to C++ having done C at uni and working with Java for a few years now. 
I am hoping someone can point me to an Open Source version of such a beast. 
This is my first foray into Qt, KDE and OS programming. I'd hate to reinvent 
the wheel when I'm sure someone has done this before.

Any help very much appreciated.


Marek W

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