Turning off "ReduceMenuDepth" for just one menu?

Felix E. Klee fk at linuxburg.de
Mon Oct 24 10:15:25 BST 2005

Under SuSE 9.2/KDE 3.3.2 Level "a", by default, Kicker's parameter
"ReduceMenuDepth" is set to true.  This means that sub menus in the K
menu are not shown if they only have one entry.

Now, we'd like to have the parameter "ReduceMenuDepth" set to "false"
for just one menu and its sub menus.  Is this possible?  If not, is it
possible to add invisible dummy entries to a menu?

If all else fails, are there any alternative menu applets that we could
use?  Note: We want to create a customized menu that is accessible from
kicker.  It doesn't necessarily have to be accessible from the K menu.
Felix E. Klee
fk at linuxburg.de    (work)
felix.klee at inka.de (home)

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