Getting microphone to work

Robin Atwood robin.atwood at
Sun Oct 23 12:23:49 BST 2005

I have just bought a head-set to use with Skype and I am having trouble 
getting the microphone working. The head-set is plugged into the two jacks at 
the front of my notebook. There is another mike embedded in the front of the 
display. In order to test I have tried recording with krec/kmixer but to know 
effect (frankly, the supplied help is practically useless). Kmix has a 
bewildering selection of sliders and switches which I have toggled to no 

On the Input tab I have Line/Mic/Capture sliders (among others) with red and 
green buttons top and bottom. On the Switches tab I have a "Mic Select" combo 
box with Mic1 and Mic2. I also have another combo box "Mono Output Select" 
with Mic and Mix choices. For good measure there are Mix and Mix Mono 
switches. Anybody got even the faintest clue what to do with this lot?

Robin Atwood.

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