kdm: login not working anymore

Robert Freund rfreund at uos.de
Mon Oct 24 11:29:00 BST 2005


I'm using kde 3.4.2 (debian packages from alioth.org), xorg, and debian's
default /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc.

For a while now, kdm logins don't work anymore. After I enter user/pwd and
choose ANY type of session (have tried kde, gnome, windowmaker) kdm seems to
start the login, but after a short while (about 3 sec) I simply get back to the
login screen.
/var/log/kdm.log doesn't contain anything that seems interesting.

Interestingly, when I login using gdm before starting kdm, kdm WILL work.
(start gdm -> login -> stop gdm -> start kdm -> login -> WORKS)

Logging in as root works in kdm as well, so I guess it's a permission problem -
but where?

Any idea?

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