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Erik Ohls eohls at
Wed Oct 12 18:24:24 BST 2005

onsdagen den 12 oktober 2005 18:00 skrev Nigel Henry:
> On Tuesday 11 October 2005 15:45, Jack Eyton-Jones wrote:
> > Dear Sir,
> > I have downloaded the rpm file fp-linux-ws.rpm and clicked on the
> > software Installation and it installed OK. Trouble is where do I find the
> > program file to run the Antivirus scan? I tried typing f-prot in the Run
> > command but noth ing happened. I may add that I am an absolute beginner 
> > to Linux and I find executing the proper commands very complicated.
> > I would appreciate your help.
> > Thanking you in anticipation.
> > Regards,
> > Bonzo
> Hi Jack aka Bonzo. I havn't got F-prot but looking on their site you should
> simply be able to run f-prot to scan all files. You will need to open a
> console (CLI) and as I have to do using clam-av av scanner, will probably
> have to run it as root. Just type su on the CLI, then your root password,
> then f-prot, and it should scan all your files.
Almost but not quite. He will have to tell f-prot what to scan, i.e. he'll 
have to write "f-prot /" if he wants to scan his entire system, and
"f-prot /home/user" (where "user" is his login name) if he wants to scan his 
home directory.

"man f-prot" will give him all available options. 

> Personally since I got rid 
> of Windoze, I've lost my paranoia to be constantly scanning for this and
> that. I'm not taking it lightly, as there are viruses, etc, that can effect
> linux.

While the chances of getting a Linux box infected are still negligible, using 
a virus scanner may nevertheless be a good idea if you don't wish to infect 
other people's computers. Last time I used f-prot the program found 34 
infected e-mails . They are entirely harmless as long as they stay on my box 
but carelessly forwarding any one them to a Windows user would probably not 
be appreciated. (Even if most of them were obviously spam or otherwise 

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