kmail / korganizer connection

Frank Reifenstahl f.reifenstahl at
Wed Nov 30 16:07:46 GMT 2005


I often receive or send mails which I keep in "incoming" till all related 
tasks are done. I'm tired of creating new time limited korganizer tasks with 
the same description as written down in those mails to call my attention on 
overdue dates. Now I'm looking for a way to connect mail writing and date 

My idea is having an entry in a mails context menu which opens korganizers new 
date popup, the mails subject already inserted to the title field and the 
text of the mail inserted into the text field of the date.

1. Is there an easy way to get this by using pre-existing features?
2. Do I have to go the somehow stony way of dcop?
3. Do you think this might be food for KDEs bug report wizard?

Thank you for any suggestion!

Kind regards
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