kmail: "A problem was found while applying this action."

Randy Kramer rhkramer at
Wed Nov 30 16:13:04 GMT 2005

(I think (and hope) this is the right mail list--if not, please direct me to 
the right one.)

I'm cc'ing the qna at list to update the status for them--I had 
written to them about the problem about a week ago (before I knew about the 
Filter Log Viewer, and, thus, before I knew about the "A problem was found 
while applying this action" message).  There were not many suggestions, and 
none by anyone using kmail.  

I've also Googled for that message and kmail, and all of the hits seem to lead 
to the source code.  I glanced at that, but don't know enough (or hardly any) 
c++ to really see what is going on (i.e., what things can cause that 

I'm using kmail version 1.8.2 (kde 3.4.2) as delivered with Mandriva2006.

I've been having some problems with kmail filtering, but found the Filter Log 
Viewer and have been watching it.  The current problem seems to be with one 
particular local folder (i.e., rather than the rule that fires it)--I get the 
message "A problem was found while applying this action."

I've looked at (to me) the obvious things, there is plenty of space on the 
partition where the mail is stored (not under /home), enough inodes (more 
below), the folder name is spelled right, ...

Any ideas/suggestions?

Other Info:
   * The local folder name is nedit
   * email is stored in /rhk/Mail, with a soft link at ~/.Mail pointing to 
that directory
   * I have almost 60 filters installed, including some others that point to 
the same local folder (nedit)--none of those others currently have the same 
problem (more below)
   * I checked the space on the partition by using df, I'm sure there are 
enough inodes because other emails (for other lists) are being stored.  (I do 
have a strange mixture of local mail files, some mbox and some maildir--I 
would have preferred all mbox, but maybe I created some of them without 
making the proper choice.  The nedit file is an mbox file.
   * I checked permissions--I did find some oddities, some mbox files were 
executable, some were not (nedit happened to be executable), I've now made 
them all non-executable.  (I.e., they all have 600 permissions)  No change.
   * at one point I decided to delete all the rules applying to nedit, then 
recreated them.  That didn't help.  

Incidentally, during the course of doing that, I found something strange--when 
I first inspected the filters for nedit, the destinations all looked correct.  
When I started deleting the folders, at one point the destination for the 
next (nedit) filter switched from pointing to nedit to something else (and 
darn, I can't remember what that was--I don't think it was drafts but it 
might have been--I should have written it down).  

At that point, I hadn't yet saved my changes, so I quit the dialog without 
saving, and tried it again.  Same strange result (which makes me doubly dumb 
for not writing down that strange folder name).  Anyway, at that point I went 
ahead and deleted all the nedit rules, saved the changes, then recreated the 
nedit rules (pretty much one email at a time, i.e., as one came in that was 
not filtered).  

(BTW, at that time I didn't know about the Filter Log Viewer, so I don't know 
if was giving the same "A problem was found while applying this action." 
message or not.)

Anyway, I still have the problem--some nedit related emails do get moved to 
the list, some do not.  Most recently, those that do not are from sourceforge 
(nedit's bug list), but the filter rule does recognize them (as the failure 
occurs during the "action".)

Any suggestions?

Randy Kramer

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