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ianseeks ianseeks at
Sat May 14 19:59:15 BST 2005

 On Saturday 14 May 2005 14:11, Davide Zanon wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 May 2005 20:26, ianseeks wrote:
> > Hi David,
> >
> > I use it via Kontact and on there you have a "View" menu, you can create
> > your own views from here.
> >
> > regards
> >
> > Ian
> Thank you very much, I didn't know this. But it seems I can modify only the
> view in which you can see all the contacts. And this works. But I'd like to
> add new fields to the view where you can see only the contact you have
> selected from the other on the right... and I can't understand how to do
> this... The only thing that right-clicking shows is a menu where I can only
> select "Hide {Birthday, Postal Addresses and so on}"
> Is there a way to change this or it's hard-coded into the applications?
> Thanks again :)
> david

Hi David,

The only way i can seem to get it to change is to remove/add data from/to the 
contacts i.e. if they have no address then no field appears.
Other than that i have no idea but it would be useful to have the ability to 
tailor that part.


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