problem with gaim in kde 3.4

Anshul anshulk at
Sun Mar 27 14:05:35 BST 2005

Ya i've confirmed that gaim-1.1.4 installed on my comp is the latest 
version and it is unstable in kDE 3.4


On Thu, 24 Mar 2005, Christian 
Mueller wrote:

> Am Donnerstag, 24. März 2005 08:55 schrieb Anshul:
>> ya thats true but it was stable in kde 3.3 and is crashing like anything
>>   in kde 3.4 so the problem should be kde...i guess. Can something be done
>> for it ?
> As gaim doesn't use anything from the KDE framework I don't think there is
> anything that the KDE developers can do about it.
> Maybe you updated a basic library at the same time you updated to KDE 3.4,
> and the new version of this library is incompatible with the version
> of gaim you have installed?   Have you checked if there's a newer
> version of gaim?
> If that's not it I would report these crashes as bug against gaim...
> Christian.
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