Installing an update

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Mar 24 07:31:52 GMT 2005

John wrote:
> Hello All (Again)
> I know that there is great activity at the moment on kde3.4 but that's the 
> reason I don't want to upgrade at the moment. I'm sure some one out there can 
> help with this.
> Seems I need to upgrade libogg to 1.1.2 - in order to update a number of 
> things on my machine.
> Basically my machine has libogg-devel installed on it and that needs libogg = 
> 1.0- and to resolve conflicts I need to remove the following packages most of 
> which relate to KDE in some way. These are:
> libvobis-devel
> libogg-devel

First, I can say for certain that you need to upgrade


and due to mutual dependencies, the easiest way is to upgrade all 4 of 
them at the same time either with Kpackage or with the command line.

> kdebase3-devel

This is probably the devel package for: "kdebase3"

> kdelibs3-devel

This is probably the devel package for: "kdelibs"

> kdevelop3

Not sure what that is.  Probably it was changed to: "kdesdk" so you will 
need to remove it before upgrading.

> My guess is that these all belong to the integrated development environment so 
> no harm will be done? But just in case is the libogg upgrade likely to be 
> backwards compatible? If so I could then just ignore the conflicts and force 
> the install.

Note that: "--force" will not override dependencies.  As stated above, 
you need to upgrade all 4 packages.

Now, to upgrade KDE, you will need to upgrade ALL of the packages at the 
same time.  You will need to either have a new version package for each 
old version package installed or you will need to remove the old version 
package not being upgraded.

You might also need to upgrade Qt and aRts.

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