Kmail problems

Waitangi waitangi at
Wed Mar 23 19:11:31 GMT 2005

Hello everybody

Actually I have a problem konfiguring Kmail (the last thing where I  
supposed to get problems :-))

I have 2 accounts, let's say user1 and user2

Server returns message "Sender adress rejected: not owned by user1"...!!!
I know what is the problem, but i just don't know how to configure Kmail.

I have 2 users 2 outgoing and incoming locations.
I can even choose while editing message who's sending it,
The same message appears, when I try to send mail from user1 account, and  
 from user2 account.

I have no problems with incoming messages.
Each user has it's own direcory.

Any clues???

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