How to enable the old kicker icon-zoom effect in KDE 3.4?

Jes Hall jes.hall at
Wed Mar 23 09:03:21 GMT 2005

> > I would hazard to suggest that the developer who gives up his free time
> > to maintain the code is most qualified to make such decisions.
> Wrong!  Such developers tend to have egos and it appears that making
> something that is "way cool" has a higher priority than usability.
> Hence the very fancy animation that can't be turned off.

This is gross rudeness. Who are you to demand programmers bend to your idea of 
how things should be when they are volunteers? Who are you to insult them? 
Perhaps you should get a refund, since you seem to feel you're not getting 
value for your money ;)

> > If the code is
> > causing bugs to pile up and the effort to fix it is far greater than any
> > gain in  functionality, then it goes. Whether the effort is in fact
> > greater is highly subjective, and only the person who is hacking on the
> > code can truly judge. It is after all his time and his effort he's
> > weighing in the balance.
> Well the current code has bugs too.  Those cute animated popup windows
> don't have the correct X priority and AJS has already told me that he
> won't fix the kicker X priority issues because it would be too difficult
> and/or that I'm just wrong about it.

You've completely missed the point, that Aaron and other developers are the 
ones who have earned the right to make these decisions on their particular 
piece of code with their blood sweat and tears. Not you. If it bothers you so 
much, contribute something to the code. What you feel about the X priority or 
any other facet of any other piece of code is completely irrelevant to the 
fact that it's not your code and you have no rights over the coder. Feel free 
to file a bug report, feel free to suggest and attempt to inspire the coder, 
but if this doesn't work it is foolish to act as though you have somehow been 

This may come as a surprise to you - but you don't own us.


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