How to enable the old kicker icon-zoom effect in KDE 3.4?

Jes Hall jes.hall at
Wed Mar 23 01:49:01 GMT 2005

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 06:52, Daevid Vincent wrote:
> ...and whom "exactly" will they tell to cease & desist? The programmer? The
> linux community? The KDE dev team? The users? I'm sure somebody could whip
> this up and put it out there on a torrent or something without a trace.
> Normally I'm not one to condone "piracy", but to me a patent on something
> like that is just stupid. It's like patenting a specific color or sound. Or
> maybe more like patenting a word-processor or spreadsheet program. Give me
> a break. They make icons magnify when you roll over them. Not
> rocket-science. I feel that if someone wants to imitated their look & feel,
> without using/stealing their source code, then so be it. That's how
> progress is made.

The cease and desist would be sent to the KDE eV, and your rant would be 
better directed to the people who let patents like that pass. 

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