How to enable the old kicker icon-zoom effect in KDE 3.4?

Jes Hall jes.hall at
Tue Mar 22 12:30:33 GMT 2005

> I Disagree quite strongly.  I found the icon Zoom feature very usable, and
> I've never had any problems with it.  I find it difficult to swallow that
> the programmers who work on this stuff would be unable to overcome this
> difficulty.
> Who decides what's "usable" anyway? :-D  Considering Linux is all about
> choice wouldn't it be better to have this in the hands of the user?  I like
> it, and from what I'm hearing many others do as well.

I would hazard to suggest that the developer who gives up his free time to 
maintain the code is most qualified to make such decisions. If the code is 
causing bugs to pile up and the effort to fix it is far greater than any gain 
in  functionality, then it goes. Whether the effort is in fact greater is 
highly subjective, and only the person who is hacking on the code can truly 
judge. It is after all his time and his effort he's weighing in the balance.


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