How to enable the old kicker icon-zoom effect in KDE 3.4?

Howard Coles Jr dhcolesj at
Tue Mar 22 04:02:45 GMT 2005

On Sunday 20 March 2005 09:50 pm, Jes Hall wrote:
> > > It will get put back in, correct?
> > > That's one piece of eye candy that I really like.
> There are absolutely no plans to put icon zooming back in. The code was
> very messy and created numerous bugs and usability issues. The new tooltips
> are distinctive and make much more sense from a usability perspective, as
> well as not being a cheap rip of another DE's idea :)

I Disagree quite strongly.  I found the icon Zoom feature very usable, and 
I've never had any problems with it.  I find it difficult to swallow that the 
programmers who work on this stuff would be unable to overcome this 

Who decides what's "usable" anyway? :-D  Considering Linux is all about choice 
wouldn't it be better to have this in the hands of the user?  I like it, and 
from what I'm hearing many others do as well.


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