problem with booting kde 3.4

Tim M√ľnchen kdelist at
Tue Mar 22 11:19:34 GMT 2005

Anshul wrote:
> hi all,
> My apologies for the previous mail. It happened by mistake.
> I am using gentoo linux and was using kde 3.3 till now. i succefully 
> emerged kde 3.4 but as it was masked i did it with
> <code>
> ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge -av kde-base/kde-meta
> <code>

I'm not sure if this is the right spot to ask, because the question really is 
very Gentoo-specific, and not KDE-specific.

But I'll try to give you a little advice.

The use of environment variables like ACCEPT_KEYWORDS is deprecated and 
discouraged. That's what the files in /etc/portage are for.

In the case of KDE 3.4, add the following to the file /etc/portage/package.keywords:

## KDE 3.4
dev-libs/boost ~x86
sys-libs/db ~x86
kde-base/kdebase-pam ~x86
kde-base/arts ~x86
kde-base/kde ~x86
kde-base/kdelibs ~x86
kde-base/kdebase ~x86
kde-base/kdeaddons ~x86
kde-base/kdeadmin ~x86
kde-base/kdeartwork ~x86
kde-base/kdeedu ~x86
kde-base/kdegames ~x86
kde-base/kdegraphics ~x86
kde-base/kdemultimedia ~x86
kde-base/kdenetwork ~x86
kde-base/kdepim ~x86
kde-base/kdetoys ~x86
kde-base/kdeutils ~x86
kde-base/kdewebdev ~x86
kde-base/kdeaccessibility ~x86
kde-base/kdebindings-meta ~x86
kde-base/kdesdk ~x86
kde-base/kdejava ~x86
kde-base/kwin ~x86
kde-base/qtjava ~x86
kde-base/kcontrol ~x86

Then do a emerge --sync, and then a emerge -a kde

That should do the trick.


 > but it was automatically not enabled due to test phase as it said.
 > Now i removed my kde 3.3 completely by
 > <code>
 > emerge -Ca /var/db/pkg/kde-base/*-3.3.*
 > <code>

You can (and should) just type "emerge -aC =kde-3.3" in that case. Merging and 
unmerging by directory/direct path to packages *can* work, but more often than 
not, it does something unpredictable.


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