problem with booting kde 3.4

Anshul anshulk at
Tue Mar 22 07:02:28 GMT 2005

hi all,
My apologies for the previous mail. It happened by mistake.
I am using gentoo linux and was using kde 3.3 till now. 
i succefully emerged kde 3.4 but as it was masked i did it with
ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge -av kde-base/kde-meta

but it was automatically not enabled due to test phase as it said.
Now i removed my kde 3.3 completely by

emerge -Ca /var/db/pkg/kde-base/*-3.3.*

now nothing is running on my comp as i do not how to enable kde 3.4
kindly someone tell me what to do now, how to get kde 3.4 enabled

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