"setting up interprocess communication" freeze

Tim M√ľnchen kdelist at privatepanic.de
Mon Mar 21 12:13:26 GMT 2005

Daevid Vincent wrote:
> I can't switch to any of the console screens. I can't even CTRL+BKSP and
> kill X. The only way to get out is to power down!!

A better solution would be to try to kill any KDE / kdm / X process via ssh from 
another PC (Laptop?) - if you have one.

> I don't see anything strange in .xsession-errors, /var/log/messages or
> dmesg. Google doesn't really have anything useful that I've found.

You should also look into /var/log/Xorg.0.log. Look for any lines that begin 
with (EE).

You can also try to edit your xorg.conf (or XF86config, if you still use that; 
x.org uses this file if xorg.conf is not found) and change your graphics driver 
from nv / nvidia to a more generic one (Although the point of hanging doesn't 
indicate a graphics problem... but you can still try it!)

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