"setting up interprocess communication" freeze

Daevid Vincent daevid at daevid.com
Sun Mar 20 20:15:09 GMT 2005

I've 'emerge -Davu world' on two different machines (both with nVidia cards
though) and both now freeze when I try to load KDE 3.3 or 3.4 (which was
working just Fine with 3.2). I don't know what changed. I can load gmome and
xfce, so it's not Xorg.

Startx fires up and the mouse cursor responds to mouse movement, but all I
see is a blue bar with white letters that say "setting up interprocess
communication". It never goes away. The HD light flickers pretty steadily
like it's doing something, but leaving it for even as much as 10 minutes,
nothing changes.

I can't switch to any of the console screens. I can't even CTRL+BKSP and
kill X. The only way to get out is to power down!!

I've tried to "rm -rf /tmp" and I also "rm -f ~/.ICE*" and "rm -f ~/.DCOP*".

I've also "rm -rf .kde*" and let KDE rebuild these files. KDE fires up to
the point of the initial asking my keyboard and how many effects I want and
stuff. Then locks up at the same damn spot. UGH! 

I'm trying this as 'root' and as 'daevid' too, so it shouldn't be a
permission problem.

I don't see anything strange in .xsession-errors, /var/log/messages or
dmesg. Google doesn't really have anything useful that I've found. It seems
to be related to some recent emerge update though because like I said, my
Dell i8200 and my home server both illustrate this behavior. These are mixed
~x86 (mostly the ~x86 of KDE & Gnome parts). 

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