KDE Window Manager Problem

Jes Hall jes.hall at kdemail.net
Sun Mar 6 21:56:40 GMT 2005

> This is a "per user" problem.  It only occurs when using the KDE Window
> Manager.  If you select another window manager when you login, the problem
> does not exist.  If you login as another user that has not made any recent
> changes to his KDE Desktop configuration, the problem doesn't exist.

If this is a problem that doesn't occur for a newly created user, then I 
suggest moving your $KDEHOME/share/config/kwinrc and possibly also
 $KDEHOME/share/config/kdeglobals out of the way and seeing if your problem is 
alleviated. ($KDEHOME on suse is generally ~/.kde)

If this helps, you may find you can salvage much of the configuration from 
these files by opening them up in a text editor (after backing them up 
elsewhere) and manually editing them. If you decide this doesn't help, simply 
move the original files back where you found them.


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