KDE Window Manager Problem

Merton Campbell Crockett mcc at CATO.GD-AIS.COM
Sun Mar 6 18:46:11 GMT 2005

My apologies for sending to both lists but I am having a serious problem 
with the KDE Window Manager, KDE Control Panel, and/or X Windows.

I am running SuSE 9.2 Professional.  Initially, I thought that the problem 
was related to the latest update to the latest X Server update as I the 
window problem was observed after the update was applied.  I reported this 
to SuSE/Novell.

Initial Problem

I use Pine as my mail application.  When opened from the "Application" 
menu, it opens in a Konsole window with a geometry of 82x66.  I have 
excerpts from log files on various systems that I support mailed to me.  
To view those messages without line wrap, I click the maximize button on 
the window frame.  When I finish viewing the message, I click on the 
maximize button to restore the window to its original size.

Not long after the patch was applied, I noticed that the window could no 
longer be restored to its original size.  When the window was restored the 
geometry changed to 82x44.  After repeatedly changing the Konsole window 
settings to 82x66, the window would, when initially opened, be the correct 
size; however, after being maximized, it would only be restored to a size 
of 82x44.

Current Problem

In frustration, I mucked about with the desktop appearance settings using 
the KDE Control Panel without much success in correcting the above 
problem.  I did manage to introduce a new problem that leads me to believe 
that the problem is in kwin.

When I log into the system.  The "kicker" panel and the KDE "splash" panel 
are displayed.  When the KDE "splash" panel closes, the visible portion of 
my desktop is in the top left corner of the screen and is exactly the same 
size as the KDE "splash" panel.  Except for the "kicker" panel at the 
bottom, the rest of the screen is black.

Any new window that is opened will be opened with the exact same size as 
the last window that had "focus".  Now when Pine is activated, it has the 
same size as the "kicker" panel.

The maximize/restore operation discussed in the initial problem has gone 
away.  You can maximize a window and have it restored to the geometry it 
had before it was maximized.

If you open a second window, it will be exactly the same size as the first 
window.  The application's window geometry is ignored.

This is a "per user" problem.  It only occurs when using the KDE Window 
Manager.  If you select another window manager when you login, the problem 
does not exist.  If you login as another user that has not made any recent 
changes to his KDE Desktop configuration, the problem doesn't exist.

The problem only seems to exist for users that have made changes after the 
following patches were made.

	kdebase3-51958		January 2005
	kdelibs3-51960		January 2005
	xorg-x11-libs-51973	January 2005
	xorg-x11-server-52030	February 2005


I don't have any.  It seems that one of the resource files is corrupted 
and needs to be manually changed to restore the correct behaviour.  Does 
anyone have a suggestion on how to correct the problem?

Merton Campbell Crockett

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