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Andrew Kar akar3d at
Thu Mar 3 18:34:57 GMT 2005

On Thu, 3 Mar 2005 09:35:30 -0800, Jonathan Chen <jonachen at>  

> I am hoping someone can point me to a link where I can
> read what programs are needed as a bare minimum to startup kde.

You could use kde kiosk depending on what you want or look at the following
All kde apps can be run independently of kde and nothing is essential.   
For instance you could run KDE with the ice window manager, Gnome panels  
but Kde desktop and Konq file manager.
There are 2 things you need to look at.
The first is the startkde script. This differs from distro to distro but a  
lot of it is common to all. You will see how it adds and checks extra font  
override directories and starts the session management does housekeeping  
and starts apps.
You can make any startkde script depending on how much you want it to run  
as an 'environment' or as distinct entities.

The 2nd thing is the switches on all kde app.
Type kate --help-all to get an idea. Here you will see that you can start  
apps without them being part of session management or dcop etc.
You do the same thing to run Nautilus or gnome panel in KDE; you start it  
without it connecting to the Gnome session manager or desktop or bonobo or  
sound or the default crash handler.

So an example barebones kde could be
icewindowmanager &
kdesktop &
konqueror / &

with appropriate switches on some apps if wanted.
In some cases kcminit and or kdeinit needs to be included to initialise  
So just experiment leave knotify out. Remove artsd or I'm sure kiosk can  
disable it
Kde can start with another windowmanager by making it a switch for  
ksmserver (session mngmnt)

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