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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Thu Mar 3 18:14:08 GMT 2005

On Thursday 03 March 2005 18:35, Jonathan Chen wrote:
> Hi,
> Not sure which ML to hit.  Both sounds good to try.
> Anyways, this question probably has been asked many times before...
> I'm currently running a server and would like to remove KDE programs like
> "Knotify?" if possible from startup of kde.  Also any other kde
> applications that's not needed.

KDE startup is handled by the script "startkde"
At some point it starts ksmserver which then takes over, starting the 
applications from the autostart folders (for example Kicker, the panel)

> I am hoping someone can point me to a 
> link where I can read what programs are needed as a bare minimum to startup
> kde.

I'd recommend running startkde, but you could experiment with only starting 
kdeinit and the applications you want to have, very likely including 
kdesktop, kwin, kicker
For the experiment start an empty X session, for example Xnest, and then open 
a shell for a new user, set DISPLAY accordingly and start KDE core 
applications until you have all you want.

> This server will have many users logging in via FreeNX hogging lots 
> of resource and some good KDE feature are not really needed on a server
> environment. Knotify as I read is used to play sound like artsd which is
> also not needed. I wish I can find a place to disable artsd from startup
> for all users if that is possible.

KNotify is the KDE notification system. It can play sound through aRts if the 
user has sound notifications configured, but it also handles other 
presentations as well (message box, passive popup, etc)
KNotify will be started by the first KDE application in need of notification, 
so I'd say there is no point in not starting it at the beginning :)

As for aRts: you could check which KDE configuration file is altered when you 
switch it off in a users control center and then make the respective change 
to the global file.

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