Remote desktop sharing problem & disable artsd for all

Jonathan Chen jonachen at
Thu Mar 3 20:25:48 GMT 2005

localhost> krfb -v
Qt: 3.1.2
KDE: 3.1.3-6.6 Red Hat
Desktop Sharing: 1.0

Using the above program, I got up to the point where I can log into the
shared session where userA was hosting while userB was logging into UserA's
session on the same RHEL 3 server.   When UserB is in, all he sees is a
white screen although UserA sees the mouse moving around.   Anyone know
what's going on?  I've tried to look for this in the documentation for krfb
and were not able to find info to assist me.  Then when logging out, KRFB
crashes, which is strange.  
I've already experimented with TVNC to see the same session and still am
unsuccessful in getting UserB to see UserA's screen.   K's Remote Desktop on
same tech seems working if your able to see what's on the users screen.
Also beside disabling artsd by using kde control center, how can I disable
it for all users at once beside writing a script to disable everyone's
I would like to use Kiosk program? but I believe its not for the version of
KDE I'm running I believe.
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