Startup KDE without X applications

Jonathan Chen jonachen at
Thu Mar 3 17:35:30 GMT 2005


Not sure which ML to hit.  Both sounds good to try.  

Anyways, this question probably has been asked many times before...

I'm currently running a server and would like to remove KDE programs like
"Knotify?" if possible from startup of kde.  Also any other kde applications
that's not needed.   I am hoping someone can point me to a link where I can
read what programs are needed as a bare minimum to startup kde.   This
server will have many users logging in via FreeNX hogging lots of resource
and some good KDE feature are not really needed on a server environment.
Knotify as I read is used to play sound like artsd which is also not needed.
I wish I can find a place to disable artsd from startup for all users if
that is possible.

Thanks for any help you can give...

KDE 3.1.3 vanilla
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